A Wheel and Away


  • Mayhem in Paris

    Molly has always had a thing about Paris.  She even had a Paris themed birthday one year.  So much so in fact, that it was a long-standing promise that I would take her for a girlie weekend away when she finished her GCSE’s.  Just her and me for a long weekend.  It was going to be utter heaven.  Or would…

  • Visiting Copenhagen for wheelchair users

    So how does Copenhagen rate for the wheelchair user? The first thing I noticed when getting off the train in Copenhagen was how flat everywhere was.  Not in terms of hills but in terms of pavements. Having spent previous travels manoeuvring wheelchairs up two-foot kerbs and along jungle paths this was a welcome and refreshing…

  • For Harper and Atticus

    I first read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee as a teenager and have loved it ever since.  So for me it was an absolute that our road trip through Alabama should include a pilgrimage to Monroeville, the small southern town where Harper Lee grew up.

    Monroeville is the real life incarnation of Maycomb, the fictional…

  • In heaven in a horse box

    Although I’m a country girl, I freely confess that I have never really got the whole horsey thing.  I appreciate that they are beautiful animals but am ever so slightly scared when I’m on the back of one.  So, the prospect of staying in a horsebox for the weekend wouldn’t have necessarily been my first choice.

    However, we…

  • Morocco is my happy place…..

    Morocco is easy to describe – quite simply, once you’ve been you will never want to leave.  

    You will find yourself fantasising about buying a riad and selling your house back home.  Your children will be able to grow up surrounded by joy and people who see them as an absolute gift.  Your mornings will consist of long…

  • I’m sorry, no more wheelchairs today

    Imagine visiting an attraction and being told that you are not allowed to enter because of your ethnicity, as they will only allow ten people with your heritage in per day.  Or because of your sexuality unless you want to go in without your family and friends. How long would it be before the media outcry…

  • Accessible travel in a post Covid-19 world

    The bizarre year we have all experienced due to Covid-19 has meant many of us have faced huge changes to our lives.  This has affected us all differently, as has how we have reacted to it.

    As a mum of two children with SMA, we soon received the letters identifying them as clinically extremely vulnerable and on…

  • Carrying Kevan and redefining accessible

    Kevan Chandler and his friends make quite a team.  The group of twenty somethings spent three weeks travelling round Europe visiting France and England before venturing over to the Emerald Isle.  The trip was such a success that a couple of years later they decided to repeat the experience, only this time visiting China. This…