True inclusion does not just mean paying lip service to rules and regulations – it is not simply doing the minimum required to comply with legislation, it is about going above and beyond and a genuine desire to provide equal opportunities for everyone.

Are you a tourism professional?


Are you keen for your business to become more accessible but don’t know where to start?


A Wheel and Away may be just that starting point.  With a wealth of personal experience to call upon, as well as impressive links within the disability community, we can help you and your business become more inclusive.


We can advise you on the practical considerations that need to be factored in to improve accessibility.  Whether this is suggesting adaptations or providing a full-scale audit.  But this is only part of the story.


Becoming accessible means changing mindsets.  Developing a greater depth of understanding, so that equal opportunities for all becomes a baseline rather than an end goal.


So, and even more importantly, we can provide targeted training to ensure that your staff are equipped, knowledgeable and empathetic to all your clients.  Whether that be knowing the right questions to ask or what is available to improve experiences even further.


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