A Wheel and Away

Polish Post Office Museum and Monument

Gdańsk, Poland

First things first – the museum is absolutely not accessible to wheelchair users, with a large step just to get in the front door, immediately followed by a large and steep flight of concrete steps.

While undoubtedly disappointing, there is still enough outside to see to warrant a visit to one of the iconic sites of Polish heroism in World War II.  At the same time as the German troops were firing on Westerplatte, SS forces were launching a concerted attack on the 50 or so postal workers housed in the Post Office building which also doubled as a centre for Polish intelligence.

These same men successfully held off around the German soldiers for more than seventeen hours, only finally surrendering when part of the building collapsed and the Germans brought in flame throwers.

The survivors were summarily executed and to the rear of the building is a moving tribute to those who died, with concrete plaques of their fingerprints as they stood with their hands against the wall upon surrender.  These are echoed in a large black and white photograph taken by one of the Nazi onlookers.

To the front of the building is a large and striking monument to the ‘Defenders of the Polish Post Office’.

General accessibility information

As already stated, none to the actual museum.  However, both of the of the memorials are outside and accessible, albeit over a few cobbles.