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the entrance to Gdansk shipyards
View over the Gdansk shipyards
View over the Gdansk shipyards
View over the Gdansk shipyards

Gdansk shipyards

Gdansk, Poland

Visit the shipyards where the movement of Solidarity under the leadership of Lech Walensa really took hold.

Despite the movement having its origins in 1970 with bloody clashed between protestors and the government which resulted in forty five deaths, the movement really gained momentum in 1980 when shipyard work Anna Walentynowicz was dismissed.  This led to widespread strikes and and culminated in the August Accords, a momentous victory for the workers when the government backed down and agreed to all twenty one of the workers demands.  This marked the the first peaceful victory over communism.

Immediately outside the gates is a towering monument dedicated to ‘The Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970’.  It stands on the very spot where the first three victims of the 1970 protests were killed and was one of the cornerstone demands of the 1980 agreements.

Gate number 2 is the gate where Lech Walensa stood to announce to make his announcement to the waiting crowds that a deal had been struck admits huge celebration.  Visitors now can go through the gate and into the shipyard.

General accessibility information

Outside the shipyard, around the monument is cobbled, although some attempt has been made to make it easier by flat paths crossing the concentric circles of cobbles.  Through the gate the ground is flat and easy to navigate.