A Wheel and Away
The ramp to get off the ferry at Westerplatte
the ramp to get on the pirate ship!

Sail on a pirate ship

Gdansk, Poland

OK, so not strictly speaking a pirate ship but it certainly has the look of one!

Boarded from the Old Town, the ship will take you up the Motlawa river, past the historic Gdansk shipyards to the peninsula of Westerplatte, site of the initial salvos of World War II.  From there, travllers can continue on to the beaches at Hel, should they so wish.

General accessibility information

The boat itself is accessible via a ramp, although wheelchair users may need some help as there is a lip of about four inches to get on to it.  The staff are very helpful and will cheerfully assist where required.  Once on the boat, there is limited room for manoeuvre, although this should not cause a problem as people are generally all seated for the journey anyway. There are steps to get to the top deck, but there is still a very good view from below.

Dismounting at Westerplatte is also straightforward as there is a large ramp off the jetty.  I cannot comment on the Hel part of the trip as we did not do this.

The difficulty lies in accessing the jetty in the Old Town.  There is a ramp but it is very steep.  Alternatively, the staff will help carry wheelchairs down the steps if you were happy with this.

I will freely say that this is not the most accessible, but it is potentially achievable, depending on how happy or able you are to be lifted.  This will of course mean it will only be suitable for some people.