A Wheel and Away

Volcan Masaya National Park

Masaya, Nicaragua


Volcan Masaya is one of only three volcanoes in the world where you can get close enough to see the bubbling lava.  Peering down into the crater of the volcano is quite a sight as rocks shear off the sides and drop down into the fiery pit with a big splash.

Viewing is strictly regulated – the volcano is sited within the national park and at 5pm every night there will be a long tailback of cars waiting to get in and drive to the top.  Once at the top there are regulations about how to park your vehicle – front out in case a quick getaway is needed!  Each group is only allowed about fifteen minutes at the top before they are shepherded away to make room for the next visitors.  The evening trip makes for even more spectacular viewing – as you peer from the darkness it is easy to see why the Spaniards referred to the volcano as ‘The gates of Hell’.

General accessibility information

Vehicular access to the top.  Relatively flat viewing although there is a wall surrounding it.  Wheelchair users may need a little help seeing over the top of the wall as it is about waist height when standing.