A Wheel and Away

Getting around – Ljubliana

Ljubliana, Slovenia

The city centre is easy to get around and very flat.  There are many cycle routes and routes by the river make for a pleasant way to see the city.

Most of the buses have ramps thus making them easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Most taxi companies will be able to accommodate manual wheelchair users – for electric wheelchair users contact the Metro Taxi service which has two adapted vehicles.

  • Metro Taxi: 080 11 90 (Free call) / + 386 (0)41 240

Parking is easy with a disabled badge for as long as you like on a marked spot or for two hours everywhere else.

Within the city centre run electric vehicles known as Kavalir’s or ‘Gentle Helpers’.  These vehicles operate within the pedestrianised city centre and are free to use.  Each vehicle will hold up to five passengers, they can be flagged down on the street and the driver will take you anywhere you want to go within the centre.  While not accessible for wheelchair users they are ideal for mobility impaired people to make it easier to get around.  They can also be ordered over the phone.

  • Kavalir:  +386 (0)31 666 331 / +386 (0)31 666 332