A Wheel and Away

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Yeovilton, England


The Fleet Air Arm Museum is a one of a kind.  It houses the largest collection of naval aircraft anywhere in Europe with over 100 aircraft on display.  Based in four large hangars, the museum takes you on a tour through the development of aviation from beautiful bi-planes up to modern hi-tech jets.  Get to see Concorde up close and even go inside!

In addition to the planes themselves, there is a wealth of information on display telling wonderful stories about the people and innovations that have been responsible for the developments we can see.

You can take a simulated trip in a helicopter to land on a realistic flight deck and watch the planes take off.

What makes this museum even more unusual is that is actually situated on a working airbase.  It is peopled by friendly and knowledgeable staff, including volunteers who are purely there through a love of aviation.

General accessibility information

Access is good throughout the museum.  Wheelchair users need to go to a dedicated gate where there is a doorbell to alert staff who come out and let you in through a locked side gate.  There is a very small slope through the door to gain entry and then the greater majority of the museum is all on one level with plenty of room to manoeuvre and turn.  There is a ramp to the upper level which allows viewing of the planes from above.

Unfortunately Concorde is not accessible to wheelchair users – there are a number of steps to gain access and the inside of the plane is not wheelchair friendly.   The other parts are the ‘Brush with War’ Art Gallery. And the Merlin Exhibition.

There is a restaurant situated outside the main part of the museum overlooking the play park.  This has ramps to ensure easy access along with wider doors.

Disabled parking

A number of disabled parking spaces are available.

Disabled toilet facilities 

Disabled toilet facilities are available for use.

Wheelchairs available

There are wheelchairs to borrow but it is advised to pre-book them.

Assistance dogs allowed

Guide/assistant dogs are allowed