A Wheel and Away

Annie’s Cabin

Shropshire, UK


Annie’s Cabin is a gorgeous Finnish style log cabin, a couple of miles from Ludlow, Shropshire and close to both the Shropshire Hills and the Welsh Marches.

The cabin is set in a natural meadow and bordered on one side by a river.  It has been designed to be ‘As much fun as possible to live in as possible at any time of the year’.  On a sunny day it offers lots of opportunities to go exploring, to fish from the river or just to enjoy the outdoors with a glass of wine in your hand and a slice of pizza from the outdoors pizza oven.  The wood burner makes for an enticing place to hunker down if the weather is not so good or perhaps you could sit by the double doors and just enjoy the view.

For families, the opportunities for adventure are only limited by your own imagination, with beautiful countryside to explore, the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre close by and the town of Ludlow with its castle to visit.

Two key factors directed the design of the cabin

1)     A desire to be as ecologically sensitive as possible

It has been constructed using locally sourced douglas fir and uses a range of environmentally friendly technologies including a wood pellet stove and solar powered water heating.

2)     A mission to make the cabin as disabled friendly as possible.

Disabled facilities have been incorporated into the design, including level access throughout, a wet room, and extra wide doors.  While this is undoubtedly a success, the owners do suggest that the property is not ideal for users with severe mobility issues to holiday alone, primarily because of access to some of the outside areas.

The inside of the cabin is beautiful – spacious and comfortable with lots of little touches that make it feel like home, it offers an excellent balance of luxury and functionality.  The living room, dining room and kitchen are all open plan with wooden flooring throughout.  The two bedrooms, one double and one twin, offer sleeping for four, with room for two more on the fold out sofabed.

The cabin has a wet room.

There is a boardwalk that wraps around the front of the cabin with ample opportunity for sitting outside.  This can be accessed from either the living room or main bedroom and is all on the same level as the rest of the cabin.

There is a lawn and two acre meadow around the cabin with a route down to the river.

There are bus stops and a train station within easy reach.  Local wheelchair accessible taxis can be arranged.  The cabin is non-smoking throughout.

General accessibility information

Annie’s cabin is a bungalow, with car parking and all rooms on a single level. There are two outdoor areas also on the same level, connected by aboard walk, and accessible either from the sitting room (trifold door approx. 2m wide), or from the main bedroom (door950mm wide).All exterior doors open outwards, and are at least 950mm wide, and the 3 internal doors also open outwards from the rooms and are 950mm wide.

The mattress height in the double room is 620mm while in the twin room the height is 610mm.  Both can be raised if prior notice is given.  The beds in the twin room can also be moved to allow more space. The cabin has a wet room, with a lavatory and shower, shower seat, folding chair, 2 hinged grabrails, and 3 fixed grabrails, and a wide low basin with free space beneath it. The wet room design was approved by the local Access officer. The kitchen is open plan with worktop height 90cm.

The outside boardwalk and seating areas are all on a level with the rest of the cabin and so can be easily accessed by wheelchair users.  The lawn is fairly level so definitely accessible for some, although individuals may require a little assistance.  Similarly a wander through the two acre meadow is possible, although challenging, with some help.

The owners live about 100 yards away and are more than happy to discuss access requirements prior to booking.

A more detailed access statement is available on request.

Disabled parking

There are two parking spaces available with a turning space.  Parking is within 5m of the front door and there is a level boardwalk from the parking area to the front door.  Motion sensitive lighting is installed.

Assistance dogs allowed

Guide/assistance dogs are allowed but no other pets.