A Wheel and Away
Hernö Gin's namesake gin

Visit a gin distillery

Dala. Sweden

Hernö Gin is Sweden’s first gin distillery and also the world’s most northernmost.  Situated in the village of Dala, near Harnosand in the High Coast region, here they craft award winning gins using only the finest botanicals in traditional hand crafted copper stills.  Each of the three stills re named after women connected with the area and the distillery itself and so lend a little extra personal touch to the creation process.

The distillery started in 2011 with the desire to create something new.  It has been an outstanding success and is now officially the world’s most awarded gin, a fact of which they are rightfully very proud.

Come and try from the great range they have available – many come with interesting stories to add to your enjoyment.

Perhaps try Old Tom’s with the distinctive black cat on the bottle.  Originating from 19th century England when gin was illegal, so bartenders used to place a black wooden cat outside the pub to show that they had a secret supply.

Perhaps you would prefer the extra strength Navy gin?  Having had enough of gun powder being spoiled when bottles broke on board, the navy requested the gin to have a higher alcohol content so that the gunpowder would still ignite.

Whichever story you choose, you can be assured of delicious gin.  Most of the varieties are so smooth they can be enjoyed neat or if you prefer, they staff will advise you on the different ways to serve them.

The distillery is situated in beautiful countryside and is the perfect place to enjoy a tranquil afternoon.  There is a restaurant on site and the opportunity to conduct private gin tasting tours.  There is also the option to stay on site with facility for camper vans and motor homes.

The whole site is fully accessible with ramps to access all buildings and parking right outside.